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Re: Aces @ UNI

Postby indymoon » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:35 am

PurpleAces wrote:
svmar10 wrote:Well, OK here's some more nonsense (cont.)... The year after Marty graduated we landed a bulldog of a guard. He hung around the Crews "system" for two years and bailed. Sat out a year and joined up with another small private University called Xavier, ( an arch rival). After college he took an assistant coaches job coaching HS junior varsity girls. Fast forward to today. Chris Mack is coaching the number 2 RPI team in the country. Little Xavier is playing in The Big East, with only 3 losses heading deep into the NCAA tournament.

They got Chris Mack, we got Marty Simmons.... thank you Jim Crews.

PS, can someone look up Chris Mack's complete roster statistics for the last 20 years, Thanks

What exactly is your point? Yes Chris Mack was a good player and is a great coach. I'm surprised he is still there. You are making yourself look silly though.

I have no inside knowledge but it seems to me that Mack has stayed at Xavier because:
- Big East is one of the best conferences
- MBB is #1 sport at the school ($ probably there)
- Recruitability (is that a word?)
- grew up in Cincy area
- raising a family in Cincy area

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