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Re: Game Times

Postby ncace » Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:46 am

Nearly every KWC home game has a 7 or 745 start time. Why not schedule that game for at LEAST 7 to give a potentially large group of visiting fans a little extra time to get to Ford from Owensboro? The TX Southern game at NOON? I'm not sensing a large number of churchgoers or UE students in the seats at tipoff. The Wyoming game, an early home test, needs LOTS of fan support. Give the working fans some time to get there.

If you want fans IN THEIR SEATS at tipoff, when you've sold a BUNCH of new season tics, you don't pinch the time fans have to get off work, get home to collect their families, then get downtown, walk from parking, etc.

YES, IT's a new Aces chapter, so let's make it special, not even the least bit inconvenient. As someone else noted, the school night argument doesn't hold. Only HS JV games start at 6 pm.

Now, if a poll was conducted at the end of 2017-18 season, showing PAC support for 6 pm weekday start times, I can understand the decision. Did UE students feel there would be more support for a 6 pm start? Or was the decision arbitrary?

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Re: Game Times

Postby PurpleWhiskers » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:31 pm

letsgoAces wrote:
PurpleWhiskers wrote:It wouldn't be Evansville if someone wasn't complaining about something. Nowhere to park. Too far to walk. Too dangerous to walk. Games too early. Games too late. Popcorn is in a big bucket instead of a box. Mascot is ugly. Mascot is immobile. Mascot is missing. Timeouts are boring. Announcer says "trifecta." Fans are too quiet. Fans won't sit down. Cops won't let you boo..........

Sorry, but start time at 6pm is a big deal for people who work day shift hours. Failure to grasp that is beyond me

As someone who once missed most of the second half of games to make it to work on time at 9PM, I fully grasp how inconvenient work schedules can be. Per the announcement, the 6 PM start times for 6 games was to make it more attractive on weekdays to those living in Eastern time zone counties. Would you rather be an Evansville resident trying to get to the 6 PM game on time or an Eastern time zone fan trying to get back home before 11PM on weekdays? Perhaps UE is wrong and Eastern counties still won't care about Aces basketball under McCarty but I will keep an open mind after seeing a decade of declining attendance. We will know by March if the start time needs to be tweaked again for next year.

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Re: Game Times

Postby Ad1770 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:29 pm

PurpleWhiskers wrote:Before everyone lights their hair on fire, only 6 out of 17 home games start at 6 PM, barely more than a third. The majority of home games begin at 1 PM on weekends. Then again last year some fans were lighting their hair on fire over 1 PM starting times to allow hockey to have the evenings. It was said that 1 PM made it difficult on fans who have kids with afternoon school activities on weekends. I suppose so, but from what I've seen of the increasingly elderly fan base, the kids of most of the remaining fans having been driving their own cars for 20 years or more. They can show up separately. If the Aces can pull in new fans from Eastern Time Zone counties six times this season for their first look-see at the Aces it will be a good thing long term. Keep the faith.

I did some research on this. The eastern time zone counties that are the closest to Vanderburgh county are:

Knox (Vincennes) 1hr drive
Pike (Petersburg) 51 minutes
Dubois (Jasper) 1 hr, 11 min
Crawford (Marengo) 1 hr, 30 min
Harrison (Corydon) 1 hr, 35 min
Daviess (Washington) 1 hr, 8 min
Martin (Loogootee) 1 hr, 15 min
Orange ( French Lick) 1 hr, 36 min, (Paoli) 1 hr, 45 min

As you can see, the shortest drive is 51 minutes one way (not terrible, I have seen worse), but consider this. The coaches caravan only went to two cities in the eastern time zone, and only one of them is on this list. Jasper. This start time has absolutely nothing to do with “new fans in the eastern time zone” because UE did not reach out to those people.

The only thing this did was kneecap fans from this area who would go but now can’t or won’t because of this start time. And the bigger question is how many of them bought season tickets for this season that won’t be able to use them for these “six” games? How many of those folks are most likely not going to buy them again next year because of this? All these game times have done is alienate working people who are excited and want to attend the games, but now most likely can’t because of work. I am actually glad I hadn’t bought my season tickets because the work schedule I work, I can’t make a 6 o’clock game during the week, and most saturdays until March will be working until 1:30 in the afternoon. That leaves what, 4 games I can attend now? But hey, I guess if the draw a 100 first time “fans” from eastern time zone counties, it will be ok to alienate many of the local fans.

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Re: Game Times

Postby ncace » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:21 pm

100%. PUT THE MAXIMUM # OF FANS IN THEIR SEATS AT TIPOFF. There was plenty of time to get this right. 6 pm is a mistake. It would have been really easy to do a survey: ONE question, "do you like a 705 weeknight start time, or would you prefer a 6 pm start?" Dear SEASON TIC PURCHASERS, UE STUDENTS, we want your opinion as our valued fan base. Except they didn't ask.

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Re: Game Times

Postby svmar10 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:26 pm

Again, This has little bearing on me. However I am a little inquisitive on how and by who this was presented. Fans getting off work and children going to school is a universal factor between all D1 BB schools. But at a glance it seems that the default D1 mid-week time is 07:00 regardless of time zone. It appears UE is doing a stand alone study. But it's a study that cannot be measured. Because it comes at the same time the entire program has been re-tooled and when new life has been pumped into the system. There's no way in the next year or two anybody can say, "well that paid off" , or "well that didn't work". I suspect this is a lone wolf move made to satisfy a handful of influential supporters. And we all know wins will dictate filled seats, much more than these subtle adjustments. I'll work around it with little inconvenience and focus on what happens on the floor. Win a bunch more games and people will figure out how to get little Jonnie to school on time, no matter when we start the game.

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Re: Game Times

Postby Tom Servo » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:48 pm

I agree totally.

I guess, here is the way I would put it. Have you ever heard of a concert or any sort of entertainment event starting in the middle of the afternoon or at 6:00 PM on a weeknight?? I have not...any concert I've ever heard of starts at 7:00 or later. How about NBA games, I looked at the Pacer schedule and I saw no weeknight games earlier than 7 (except maybe 1 or 2 exceptions) and almost all the weekend ones are at night. Not to mention the hockey team here in town...why do you think they want 7:00 start times???

I know this is really going to make things difficult for a lot of people. Like someone else said, this is really the only negative thing that has happened so far...unfortunately it's a big one.
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Re: Game Times

Postby letsgoAces » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:29 pm

I sent Mark Spencer an email expressing my sentiment toward the 6pm starting time. Hope others do the same. Perhaps UE can make the switch back to the original staring time before it may be too late.

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Re: Game Times

Postby stennisrm72 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:04 pm

I am acquainted with an employee of the Ford Center who has to deal with their staffing plans for events. The 6:00 start time will be an issue for them as well. Again, we shall see how it goes. Not a good move in my opinion.

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Re: Game Times

Postby acecard » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:58 am

stennisrm72 wrote:I am acquainted with an employee of the Ford Center who has to deal with their staffing plans for events. The 6:00 start time will be an issue for them as well. Again, we shall see how it goes. Not a good move in my opinion.

I agree, not a good move at all.

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Re: Game Times

Postby sect.3purple » Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:39 pm

Send an email to the AD, Mark Spencer, to voice your opinion...this time change is such a negative to so many will not affect me, but if I were one of the fans who was being robbed of seeing the ACES play because of this I would be very upset - and rightfully so! This could really hurt the program in so many ways involving attendance and overall much is at stake with the coaching change and with the renewed excitement for the team...this time change just doesn't make sense! Maybe there is time to change things.

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