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Re: Game Thread Valpo @ Aces

Postby muni cup14 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:18 pm


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Re: Game Thread Valpo @ Aces

Postby IBLEEDPURPLE » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:33 pm

Tom Servo wrote:
evilleman wrote:
letsgoAces wrote:
I respect and enjoyed your post evilleman. Even with the departure of Wichita State. let alone the injuries the Aces have had to endure, I believed this team was going to finish last place. It appears that may not happen but I am not sure the Aces will win another conference game the rest of the season. Even though I desire a coaching change I don't believe I ever "nit pik" at Marty and feel a need to "jab" at him every chance I get. I think he is getting the most he can out of this particularly team. I would bet every penny I have he will be back next season, perhaps at least partially due to the university may not be able to buy him out. As a die hard fan, I always look ahead and try to be optimistic. But like many Aces fans, I am getting weary of the "wait till next year" mantra under the present coaching staff.

I'm with you. I can't openly root for another person to lose their job. Not saying those that do or wrong. It's just not in my DNA. That's why I've turned down jobs where that would be my responsibility. However, I absolutely want the program to be great again. I know things need to change in order for that improvement to happen. I just wanted to recognize the job the players and coaches are doing this year. I thought it'd be an absolute train wreck and they aren't up to the standards we expect, but I've enjoyed watching this team "over achieve" and I just wanted to give them a shoutout.

Nothing wrong with that! I enjoyed the post as well, and to an extent agree. I'm not going to get into the Marty stuff too much, I've posted my thoughts on it and I still feel the same way.

I will never root for anyone to get fired in anything. I always hold out hope against hope he will change his recruiting and plaing philosophies (they go hand in hand). But I don't see his current mindset and philosophy ever being anything more than mediocre at best unless it's changed.

These next 5 games are what it's going to come down to. This is it - put up or shut up time.

All good stuff by those above. We are 16-10 right now with five regular season games left. If we were healthy I could see 19-12 over the last five games but we are not. I am afraid after the next five we could easily be 16-15 and a Thursday game vs either UNI or Valpo. Win or lose that one and we are right at .500 or just above. With the lack of talent we have and the bag full of injuries getting anywhere near 18 wins or more is very good if thinking short term. However, healthy or not we are again just average 11 years in with no hope of post season bids unless we shock the world in St Louis. Four wins in four days is darn near impossible.

I would bet money regardless of the next 6 or more games Marty will be back. Should every player come back that does not graduate and we get help from the incoming freshmen, we could be a pretty good team. However, we really need more help with both size and shooters and we don't have a lot of guys signed yet, only two. We will lose only one real offensive threat in Blake if Taylor (who graduates) comes back. Boo has been banged up and not nearly healthy enough to do much so we won't lose much there, DT no loss at all. We need more scoring threats, athletes who can drive the basketball. We have two open scholarships (I think) so I will try to remain optimistic. I am just so tired of average, one dimensional boring basketball. Lets get Dru back and see how things transpire the rest of the month and see if we can get hot down the stretch.

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